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  WFCC 소개
기관명  사단법인 세계음식문화연구원
이사장   양향자
설립일   1999년 10월 2일
주소   서울시 강남구 신사동 514-15, 4층(강남신사원)
            서울시 강남구 도곡동545-19(강남도곡원)
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World Food Culture Center

C.E.O Profile Food Researcher & Food Designer Hyang-ja Yang

1. Currently, Chairman of World Food Culture Center

2. Currently, President of Korea Food Coordinators Association

3. Advisor to JFK

4. Currently, Food Service & Food Coordination Professor with Seojeong College University

5. Currently, Visiting Professor with Shandong Travel University in China

6. Currently, Visiting Professor with Quingdao Bar-management University in China

7. Currently, Visiting Professor with commercial-management University in China

8. Visiting Professor with Kawaguchi School in Japan

9. Currently, President of Hyang-ja Yang’ Food & Coordination Academy

Professor Hyang-ja Yang … 

Graduated from Graduate School of Environmental Science majoring in food processing and completed Food Coordinator Doctorate Course at Gyeonggi University, Table Coordination Course at Sookmyung University, Culture & Arts Course at Dankuk University, Graduate School of Mass Communication & Public Relations and Franchise CEO Course at Sungkyunkwan University. She is also serving as Best 5 Foods Judge for the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Member of Korean Food Globalization Forum of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Advisor to Rice Food Committee of he Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Specialized Restaurant Designation Evaluator of Korea Tourism Organization.

In particular, she is running Hyang-ja Yang’ Food & Coordination Academy aimed to nurture food specialists and food coordinators and conducting various activities at home and abroad in order to globalize Korean foods, restore traditional Korean foods and court foods and facilitate the consumption of rice.

 “Creating a new food culture in the world”

World Food Culture Center

A place where you can experience all kinds of foods in the global village

A place where you can experience all kinds of foods in the global village while appreciating fantastic taste, scent and beauty… World Food Culture Center is the best non-profit organization for education, culture and research on foods aimed to develop traditional Korean foods and various food cultures into traditional food culture and create a space for food culture experiences.

Certification activities to facilitate the development of food culture and food service culture

World Food Culture Center is implementing food culture specialist certification on 4 main qualifications sectors including food coordinator, brides’ gifts providers, caterers and fermented food specialists in addition to food service certification by selecting exemplary food service providers and granting WFCC to encourage those making contribution to the development of food service culture.

Business activities aimed to develop, distribute and transfer food culture

 World Food Culture Center is conducting business to help you make a success by developing, distributing and transferring foods going beyond taking a visual approach to food culture.

  • Development /transfer of foods : Traditional foods of other countries, traditional foods of Korea and overseas food business
  • Party /festival, event, wedding & catering : Planning and production of parties, catering (place rental), brides’ gifts/foods
  • World/Korean traditional food culture exhibition experience: Support of exhibition and experiences of Korean food culture all across the world, rent of related materials
  • Food restaurant consulting : Restaurant business consulting at home and abroad, shop consulting
  • Food styling /photographing : Food photographing for broadcast and business start-up
  • Food service business support : Traditional restaurants of various countries, traditional restaurants of Korea, franchise business support
  • Publication of food books: Agency for the publication of books related to food photographing/recipes and scenarios

A place where Korean foods coexist with world foods

World Food Culture Center is equipped with Specialized Cooking Room (Food Culture Stepping Stones), Food Coordination Room (Trendy Foods), Food Art Room (Gourmet) and Broiled Rice Cake Café is operating a cultural space where Korean food culture is harmonized with international food culture.

서울시 강남구 도곡동 545-19번지 2.3층  

이사장 양향자

TEL  02-577-1138 / FAX 02-577-1136 


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서울시 강남구 도곡동 545-19번지 2.3층  

이사장 양향자

TEL  02-577-1138 / FAX 02-577-1136 

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